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The Cycle

Infinimora is the monster created from King Magnan fusing with his guardian Voltanis.


It has the appearance of a two-headed mummy. It is capable of firing bandages at others, and hold wizard-like powers that enable Infinimora to create Di-Gata stones. The King's spirit can also leave Inifinimora to possess a physical vessel.

New BodyEdit

It kidnaps Kara, so she can be used as King Magnan's new body, because of her ability to channel sigil energy. However, the Defenders, with the help of Flinch, seal the king's spirit in Voltanis' guardian stone while destroying Voltanis. Flinch escapes with the stone to give to Nazmul. After learning all he could from Magnun, Nazmul destroyed the stone, along with the King's spirit.