Ogama, Sum



Horace was Erik and Kara's father and one of the previous Di-Gata Defenders.

He sacrificed himself to help the Wizards of Yan to cast the Spell of Binding on the Megalith.


He was a giant of a man, quite and slow to anger with an unswerving sense of duty. He was gentle to those in need and a terrible force of vengeance against evil.

Fight With MalcoEdit

His arm was lost battling Malco, just before Malco turned against them. Malco and Horace used to be dueling partners when they were training together as children, they were almost like brothers. It is uncertain if Malco tried to win Horace over to Nazmul's conclave.

Malco showed up at the Ogamatar Dojo while Horace was training young defenders, and the dojo was all but destroyed, Horace's arm was severed and Alnar's son, Yarik, was killed (Horace was training him). This was only two days before Nazmul unleashed the Megalith, so a proper investigation was not completed to see who was to blame for Yarik's death.


  • He was about 6'6.

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