Guardians for Sale
Season 2, Episode 4
Airdate October 7, 2007
Production No. 204
Writers Richard Clark
Directors Greg Collinson
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Guardians for Sale is the fourth episode of the second season.


Once the Defenders finish clearing up their new dojo, a monstrous guardian appears. as they are about to fight it, Bo shows up and calls the thing Bodicon, claiming that now he is a Di-Gata Defender. Seeing Robotus, it freaks out and trashes the place. Rion manages to calm it and and return it to its stone, and they are able to track it to Si'i, a black market guardian salesman. the Defenders have to face some mutant guardians, but in a surpriseto the, Si'i crafts their guardians together.

The beast runs off after Brackus, channeling their distrust over him. Rion and Mel save Brackus, as Erik finds a way to separate their guardians. But there is a slight chance that it will destroy their guardians instead. Rion uses ancient language of the guardians to calm them down until Seth separates them. Si'i then recognizes Brackus as a customer who ordered a guardian capable of wiping out the Defenders, but Brackus claims that he does not recall. Seth then says, "We're watching you healer."


Di Gata Defenders 204 Guardians For Sale21:37

Di Gata Defenders 204 Guardians For Sale


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