General Rube







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The Cycle

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General Rube is Brackus' second-in command of the Yin-tos army.

Minor AppearancesEdit

He is first seen as part of Flinch's excavation team, but abandoned Flinch because of Infinimora. In "What Lies Beneath", Brackus promoted him to the rank of general before assaulting Arboth.

Attack on NazmulEdit

Rube later assisted the Defenders into breaking to the Infinis keep. He needed their help because him and his comrades were branded as traitors. And as traitors, they would have been hunted down like dogs if Nazmul was able to make a move. He kept this short lived alliance a secret from Brackus.

When Nazmul began to take out soldiers and tanks of the Yin-tos army, Rube re-affirmed his allegiance to him so he could be spared. His current status is unknown as he may have been killed during the Spell of Binding.

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