Sum, Dako, Nega



First Appearance

Ms. Fortune

Voiced by

Stacey DePass

Finn is a girl who is kidnapped by a travelling circus.


She was on her way to her father's farm, but is captured and mind-controlled by a guardian, which erases of all memory of her previous life. To keep the image of the circus, Finn becomes the contortionist of the troupe. The Defenders find out about the circus and break the Eye's control over her and the troupe.


The Defenders run into her again, when they are all captured by a warrior cult. She was on her way to her grandfather's farm, when she was taken prisoner. Although Bo believes that they are fighting in the Clash of Attainment to become a warrior, she reveals to them that they are not there to compete. They are used as cannon fodder for the real competitors.

She is paired with Mel for the fight, and they all move up from fodder to warrior class. But when she breaks it to him that the Defenders are only in the Clash for the Pure Stone, Bo becomes angered and leaves, taking Finn with him as his new partner.

At the final fight, she and Bo are pinned against the Defenders in a fight to the death. Finn does not want to hurt them, but Bo is willing. While Bo lands the first attack and traps the Defenders, Finn summons her guardian and stops him before he lands the finishing blow. She urges them to go and get the Pure Stone as she fights off the cult warriors who try to stop them. But before they can, Malco breaks through the ceiling, and attacks. Finn calls her guardian down, and tries to reason with Bo. Her Di-Gata stones are drained, but he can still help defeat Malco.

Bo sends out an attack at Malco, but he deflects it and sends it back at them, destroying the platform they are standing on. They fall down to the platform below, with Finn holding onto Bo's leg as he keeps them up with one hand on the ledge. Bo calls Erik for help, and he lets Flinch steal the Pure Stone in order to save them both.