Season 1, Episode 26
Airdate February 18, 2007
Production No. 126
Writers David Cole
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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Ethos is the twenty-sixth episode of the first season.


The Order of Infinis is no more and the Defenders have refused to recast the Spell of Binding as it would have destroyed the realm. The Pure Stones have been eradicated by the pressure from releasing the Megalith. The Defenders to head to a nearby farm to recharge their stones, while Seth stays behind to see what they're up against. Upon being freed, the Megalith senses the presence of Nazmul in the Nova Stone and tries to destroy Seth.

The Defenders find shelter with a kind old woman, but she is soon taken over by the Megalith. Seth soon battles the Megalith in this form, but is seperated from Kragus, who is now very low of energy. Seeing the bond between Seth and Kragus, Omniaxor merges his spirit with Kragus pledging, "I alone could not save the father, together we may be able to save the son". The Megalith then reveals to Seth that it is seeking energy in Arboth, and thankfully Mel is able to cure the old woman with her wizard powers.

The Defenders reach Arboth quickly using Flinch's teleportation system. Seth, Mel, and Adam are able to hold the Megalith, while Seth's new guardian Omnikrag takes on the beast. Kara believes that to destroy it, they must channel the energy of the Warrior Henge through her. They almost succeed, but it proves to be too much power for Kara as the Megalith pulls her to it. But Seth throws the Nova Stone's towards Kara, who is able to channel its energy and destroy the Megalith. 

The Defenders watch in aw as the Megalith's energy is release back into the realm. Seth states that it is over, but a young boy arrives and disagrees, saying its only beginning. The boy then brings Alnar forth, who introduces him as Rion. Alnar soon explains that long ago, the Wizards of Yan defeated an evil far greater than the Megalith. They were called the Ethos, and they were banished to a world called the Dark Realm, and as a by-product of this the Megalith was born. Rion is the key to defeating the Ethos, and it is now up to the six Defenders to defeat the Ethos, as their emissaries are already in RaDos. Meanwhile, the Ethos emissaries are waiting at the portal to the Dark Realm and they give a Zad the Shift Stone saying he knows what to do, and the Ethos laugh.


Di Gata Defenders 126 Ethos

Di Gata Defenders 126 Ethos