Di-Gata Dawn
Season 2, Episode 26
Airdate July 6, 2008
Production No. 226
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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Di-Gata Dawn is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season.


Rion arrives at the Ethos tower. He tries to fight Malco but the giant simply awakens his Ethos side. Under Ethos influence, Rion gives Malco the last Icon, completing the Celestial Abyss. But Malco reveals that he never had the intention of freeing his brothers, he simply wanted feed on their energy and become a god. Meanwhile, at the dojo, the Mortagarians demand the Icons, but Seth said that Rion took them. The leader informs him that Rion is a failed Wizard experiment meant to use Ethos-created warriors. Erik accepts that RaDosians did invade the realm and offers the Mortagarians his Primordial Sigils as a peace offering and asks their help in defeating the Sigil Slayers, so they could build a new future together. The leader is pleased with such an act and allows Erik to use the sigils in battle.

But as the fight goes on, the Defenders and Mortagarians are overwhelmed and forced to fall back. Adam comes in and saves Mel, who was pinned down by rubble. When they try to retreat back to the dojo, their path is blocked by K'Tahsh and Si'i. Erik uses the Primordial Sigils to seal K'Tahsh beneath the earth, causing the Slayers to go wild. The Mortagarians remain to deal with the rest of the Slayers while the Defenders follow Si'i to Malco. Malco becomes alerted to their approach and sends Rion to stop them. With his skills, he nearly kills them but Adam uses the Phase Stone to remove the restraining sigil, bringing about his beastly form. His Ethos side tries to regain control but Rion returns to normal. Together, they go to face Malco. But Rion's encasement attack is simply repelled, throwing them against the wall. Malco prepares to destroy them, only for the real Malco to expel the Ethos from him. Angered at his betrayal, they kill him.

Rion transforms into his other form and takes out two Ethos but the remaining one subdues, only to be attacked by Si'i, whom Rion was able to call in the ancient language. The Ethos simply turned him back to human and threw him out of the tower. Absorbing tons of energy, the Ethos becomes a monster, growing to large size and absorbing all Di-Gata energy in RaDos. Erik and Flinch try to modify the Celestial Abyss to contain the Ethos but even they lose their energy, except for Rion. He puts on the Icons, granting him a similar armor to his beast form. He faces against his foe, who tries to consume him only for Rion to destroy him. All Di-Gata energy returns to the realm and the Defenders look to the sunrise to a new future. But down below, Maia sees a number of bright orbs in the sky.


Di-Gata Defenders 226 Di-Gata Dawn21:37

Di-Gata Defenders 226 Di-Gata Dawn


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