Dark Viper

Summoned By


Bound To

Yin, Infinis, Nega

First Appearance

The Magnificent Two

Dark Viper is a by-product of an artificial merge between Anaconduit and another guardian. He is created by Si'i and used by Brackus.


It is a massive robotic dinosaur, black and green in colour. Similar to Anaconduit, it bears a cobra hood and stinging tail. When it uses its stinger, the stinger will regrow almost immediately after.

It uses its large body to damage opponents, and can spit green fire from its mouth. The stinger is able to cause electric paralysis. 

Kid ColeEdit

Kid Cole had originally bought it from Si'i. However, as Brackus recognizes his old guardian, he is able to convince Dark Viper to turn on Cole. Rion gives Dark Viper's stone to Brackus, who begins to use it, but never in sight of the other Defenders.