Dark Equinox, Part Two
Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate September 23, 2007
Production No. 202
Writers Jeffrey Schechter
Directors Greg Collinson
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Dark Equinox, Part Two is the second episode of the second season.


Malco and Flinch have stolen the Nova stone to free Nazmul , but have no success. On the day of the equinox, the Defenders find the portal to the Dark Realm as well as objects that belonged to their parents. In the Dark Realm, Brackus betrays Kara and tries to escape first, but is left to contend with the wraith of Leizel. Back in RaDos, the Defenders are attacked by the Zads. To let the others go forward to save Kara, Adam stays to hold them off, and barricades the tunnel.

They open the portal while Kara simultaneously places her boots and Warrior stone at the Tower of No-Ah, but the Ethos in RaDos try to keep the Defenders from saving Kara and closing the portal. Using powerful attacks, the Ethos overwhelm them and fuse the Shift Stone to its beacon. Erik then wishes that they had those other Defenders Tzur mentioned right now. Seth notices Erik's father's tools and then realizes that their parents are the others. While Erik uses the tools to pry out the Shift Stone, Mel activates a device belonging to her mother, which repels the Ethos. Brackus, who has lost an eye, tries to get rid of Kara for good but is thrown into a swarm of wraiths thanks to Rion and his new guardian, Arvengus. As they get out, Erik pulls the Shift Stone out of its pedestal, sealing the portal. With the other Ethos imprisoned, Alnar sends Kara off for special training while Rion stays with the others. Meanwhile, the Ethos make an alliance with the Malco and Flinch, and declare the battle for RaDos has just begun.


Di Gata Defenders 202 Dark Equinox part 2

Di Gata Defenders 202 Dark Equinox part 2