Dark Equinox, Part One
Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate September 16, 2007
Production No. 201
Writers Jeffrey Schechter
Directors Greg Collinson
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Dark Equinox, Part Two

Dark Equinox, Part One is the first episode of the second season.


The Megalith has been destroyed and the Order is in reach. The new defender Rion joins the group and helps rebuild Arboth. As Erik and Seth have a "whose guardian is better" contest, Rion complains about the fact that he doesn't have a guardian. Adam and Mel also have a small fight over whether Adam is going to stay or not. This fight ends quickly in a kiss between the two—almost. Zad interrupts the moment as he captures Kara. A fight goes down and Zad seems to gain the upper hand as Kara is brought to the Dark Realm. However, due to Rion's inexperience and hardheadedness, Zad is defeated and sinks into the confines of his own spell, leaving the "Shift Stone" behind. Rion leads the way to his friend who can tell them what it is used for, not knowing they are being followed by Malco and Flinch.

Meanwhile, Kara meets Madam Leizel, who has been reduced to the form of a wraith and tells her about the tower of No-Ah. She then later finds Brackus and they team up to find the tower. As the Defenders come upon an ancient valley, where statues of ancient stone carvers are, they notice that a fight has occurred. Seth asks who this "friend" they're looking for is and, just then, a two-faced rock golem Tzur emerges, who happens to be Rion's teacher. Tzur explains that long ago the Wizards of Yan imprisoned the Ethos and as a result the Megalith was created, but when Seth destroyed the beast by channeling the Nova Stone's energy into Kara he caused a burst of raw energy strong enough to open a portal between RaDos and the Dark Realm.

Unfortunately, the Zads interrupt once more in an attack, this time to take back the Shift Stone. Tzur hands Rion a stone and tells him that he will know what to do with it. Tzur uses another stone to open a portal and tells Seth that there are other Defenders, and that they are waiting for them. Adam gets hit with the Zad's whip and Rion refuses to leave without Tzur. One of the Zad's attacks is about to strike him, but Mel takes the hit instead and lies on the ground with Adam happily on top. Seth uses Twisted Chaos to carry them and Erik tries to take Rion but he breaks free and transforms to defeat the entire Zad group after they killed Tzur. Finally, they all get through the portal and head to the temple to meet the other Defenders.


Di Gata Defenders 201 Dark Equinox part 1

Di Gata Defenders 201 Dark Equinox part 1