Dako, Sum



First Appearance


Voiced by

Peter Oldring

Dahr is a boy who lives in Port Mackey.


He owns his own submarine, renting it to others for money. He tends to act so things go in his favour, and is very greedy. He dreams of power and riches.


Dahr was confronted by Roodu and Maia, who needed to get to the Prime RaDosian ship and retrieve the Icons for Brackus. After Roodu showed him his casting abilities, he let them use his submarine. When they retrieved the Icons, they noticed that the Mortagarians were coming for the Icons as well. The Mortagarian battle drones destroyed Dahr's submarine and were closing in, but Dahr stopped them by overcharging his Aqua stones in the spaceship's power cells, causing an explosion that allowed them to escape.

Upon reaching the surface, Brackus convinced him to join him, and in return Dahr would become a captain in his new Di-Gata army. He, Maia and Roodu returned to the dojo, but saw fire at Brackus' camp and rushed over. They blamed Seth for Brackus' death, and ran off.

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