Season 2, Episode 23
Airdate June 15, 2008
Production No. 223
Writers Terry Saltsman
Directors Greg Collinson
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Complications is the twenty-third episode of the second season.


Brackus continuously trains Roodu and Azura, ignoring their pleas to try casting real stones. When their training is done for the day and he leaves them, they seem to be hiding something. Meanwhile, the Defenders discover that the Von Faustien's Ethos parasite is missing from the vault. Just then, Maia (whose magical vision has changed, allowing her to see the future) arrives with a whole group of kids wanting to be Defenders. Suspicious, Seth interrogates Roodu and Azura about the vault but they claim they don't know anything. When he leaves, it was revealed that Roodu took Brackus' guardian stone.

Seth then suspects Brackus, and has Mel check his tent. Inside, she finds a locket with a picture of a much younger Brackus and a woman who looks like K'tahsh named Torash. She then finds a recorder detailing that Brackus hopes to earn everyone's trust. She brings the recording to Seth, who is in the process of strangling Brackus, just as the Ethos container falls from Maia. Suspicions change and Seth banishes all the kids from the dojo after discovering that Roodu and Azura stole Dark Viper and caused it to go on a rampage. Brackus offers to take the children home, but instead he gives them a map, offering them a chance to train under him in secret. Brackus then goes his own way on his stormer. When he's alone, he contacts Flinch, who is in charge of caring for the Sigil Slayers, but he had bred them to be controlled by an unspecified crystal. But once the conversation is over, he is attacked by K'tahsh, who was eavesdropping on the communication.

While fighting, Brackus tries to explain that he was trying to barter for K'tahsh's life so they could rule RaDos when the maelstrom is over; she relents. He sarcastically remarks that he should have married her when he had the chance, if he had not left her to the mercy of the Ethos. Back at the dojo, the Defenders have left no stone unturned in search of the Ethos, and come to the conclusion that the Ethos parasite perished due to a lack of a host. But Seth isn't so sure that things add up, realizing Maia could not have stolen the canister since the crime occurred before her arrival. Later, Rion has a dream of the fifth Icon—in the Wizard Tower. But in the dream, an Ethos ends up possessing him. When he wakes up and goes to tell the others of his dream, he does not see his reflection in a nearby mirror. In his place, there is an Ethos instead.


Di-Gata Defenders 223 Complications

Di-Gata Defenders 223 Complications