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Long-Range Communication

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Yin, Infinis

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Trouble in Paradise

The Communicator is used in the land of RaDos for the majority of communication.

The case looks like a lantern with a stone inside and the top seems to float up when the machine is activated; it projects a light bluish-grey tinted, full color, 3-D image of the other person when it is connected.

The way to activate it seems to vary, some push a button, Seth opened it by swiping of his hand over it, and Flinch's communicator automatically opened, when Brackus called him, while his back was turned to it.


Like a cellphone, these hand-held devices have the ability to make calls to other communicators; allowing the RaDosians to speak face to face across great distances, send or receive images or videos, and record things to view or display later.

The communicators seems to only be able to record and transmit what is directly in front it, despite them being round. When Erik was speaking to Seth, Rion pushed him to the side so he could talk to Seth, which removed Erik from view on Seth's communicator; Erik was able to lean in close enough for both of them to be visible to Seth. Seth was also alerted by the dojo's warning system on his communicator, sending him a map with the location of the distress signal.

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When Mel's Communicator was damaged, in a battle with the Zads, it exploded when activated; when Erik attempts to contact her, his communicator projected a ball of static. That doesn't meant they are, by normal means, fragile; when Melosa went back in time using the Eternity Stone, she was able to record a message on her communicator and store it for the others to find decades later.



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