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The Celestial Abyss is a super-weapon created by Flinch.


Fifty years before the show's current timeline, the Wizards of Yan were fighting the Ethos in the siege of Yan-Sumos. The Celestial Abyss was designed to banish the Ethos to the Dark Realm.

However, due to Mel's interference in the past, the device was frozen and in the Ethos' hands. With some help from Erik in the future, the device was recovered and a younger Brackus used the Celestial Abyss to banish the Ethos.

The Five IconsEdit

The Celestial Abyss was then broken up into five pieces that would later be known as the Five Icons of Yan. Each Icon was hidden by a Wizard of Yan so no evil can ever re-assemble it and use it, and the hiding places were never disclosed. The Orb of Ogama-Yan was meant to be the sole means of finding the five Icons.

The Ethos wanted the Icons to re-open a portal to the Dark Realm, letting them to merge both realms together. Meanwhile, the Defenders wanted the Icons to re-seal the Ethos in the Dark Realm, as four escaped into RaDos. Although Malco maintained possession of the Orb, the Defenders were given the Wizard Stones by Mel's Grandmother. These stones allowed the Defenders to receive visions of the locations to each Icon.

The five Icons were hidden in the following locations: