Carved in Stone
Season 1, Episode 11
Airdate October 22, 2006
Production No. 111
Writers Doug Hadders
Adam Rotstein
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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Carved in Stone is the eleventh episode of the first season.


Deep inside a mountain, the Defenders encounter Brim, the original carver of the Pure Stones, now living in self-imposed exile and under siege by the Gisli. The Defenders remind him of the optimism he once held for human life and he promises to make Seth a rare and precious gift - the Vitus stone. But to make the Vitus stone, they need a Wizard of Yan. But, secrets are revealed and Mel turns out to be a Wizard herself! Unfortunately, also to make it, a stone has to be sacrificed: the Nova stone. The Defenders think that the Nova stone is no more, but Brim has them fooled and takes it for himself.


Di Gata Defenders 111 Carved in Stone

Di Gata Defenders 111 Carved in Stone