Captain Mareed




Yin, Nega



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Voiced by

Tricia Brioux

Captain Mareed is a sailor who ships Dakocite around RaDos to build orphanages.


A man named Calico used to be a member of her crew, until he stole her ship and Dakocite supply. She tails Calico's ship for a few months until she finally catches up to him. She sends her guardian to stop him, but the Defenders keep it away, leading her to believe that Calico hired them as muscle. When Mel lands on her ship after Draykor destroyed Hydraxus, Mareed explains Calico's true nature.

She takes the Defenders aboard after Calico tosses them into the sea, and they sail to Port Reevus to stop him before he sells the Dakocite. After Calico's ship sinks and the Dakocite is retrieved, Mareed helps them get their stormers back and drives them to their destination. She also allows them to keep four Aqua Stones.


  • She appears as an enemy in the DS game.
  • In the online game "Invasion of Infinis", she is imprisoned at Ogama-Gor, accused of smuggling booster stones. She explains that someone wanted to transport a "family heirloom" which turned out to be filled with illegal stones.