Captain Calico







First Appearance


Voiced by

Richard Fitzpatrick

Captain Calico is a traitorous sailor, who steals other ships' cargo to sell illegally.


He is paid by the Defenders to transport their stormers across the sea, but could not take the Defenders as he does not have a permit to carry passengers.

After they were found out by the crew for stowing away, the captain allows them to stay as his guests.


Along with the Defender's stormers, he is transporting Dakocite. It is a material used to make weapons, but he claims that his clients only use it for construction, such as for orphanages. However, in reality, he stole the Dakocite from Captain Mareed. He used to be a member of Mareed's crew, until he stole her ship and Dakocite supply to sell.

When Mareed comes to retrieve the Dakocite, Calico lies to the Defenders that she is a bandit, and uses them to defeat her guardian. Once Calico is safe, he reveals his true nature and casts them overboard. The Defenders eventually catch up to him at Port Reevus, and manage to sink his ship when Kragus absorbs the Dakocite and breaks through the cargo hold. Calico is then stranded at sea on a piece of his ship.

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