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Bodacon is Bo's guardian, created artificially using spare guardian parts.


It is a giant two-headed hydra with purple crystal eyes and ears. It has the front legs of a gorilla and horse, as well as three smaller arms above them, and the back legs of an elephant and lion. It has rocks embedded across its back and tail.

Bodacon is very erratic, and runs into an uncontrollable fit whenever something spooks it. At first it will try to destroy what spooked it, and eventually just destroy anything in its sight. Once it is this rampant, it will not listen to its owner.


Bo purchased it from Si'i in hopes of being accepted as a Defender. However, Bodacon went wild at the dojo at the sound of Robotus' cleaning equipment. Rion manages to calm it down, and it returned to his stone. Seth decides to keep the stone until Bo learned to be more responsible.