First Appearance

The Lost Children

Voiced by

Jamie Bloch

Azura is a small girl who is in training to be a Di-Gata Defender.

The MineEdit

She is first seen when she and her brother Roodu were captured by the Professor at the mine, where they were forced to dig up the Prime RaDosian space ship. They were rescued by the Defenders.


They ended up following the Defenders back to the dojo and convinced them to be trained as Di-Gata Defenders. Brackus decided that she and her brother would be suitable for a new army of Defenders, and let them stay at the dojo.

Later, Azura and Roodu stole Brackus' guardian stone (because they were bored of not practicing with real stones), and Seth though that they stole the Ethos container. They hid themselves, and tried to cast Darkviper, resulting in more chaos in the dojo. Seth got angry and banished Azura, her brother, and the rest of the kids.

On their way home, Brackus asked the kids if they would like to be secret Defenders, and declared Azura and Roodu as leaders.

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