First Appearance

The Horn of Neglos

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Atagor-Am is a giant rock golem.


In the past, he was a man who preyed upon the caravan routes from Vanas-He to Mul-Data. The reason for this was to find a vessel for his deceased bride, Gatanou. When he couldn't find one, he sank into the sands with grief.

As a result, he became a rock golem bound to a Yin-Dako-Infinis champion stone. He can only be revived when a chant is said, using this stone. He has great strength, and can fire energy from his hands and sand from his mouth.


The Ethos used Atagor-Am to destroy the Defenders. K'Tahsh bonded the stone to Seth's arm, which would lead Atagor-Am to the Defenders. He cannot be destroyed by physical attacks, as the rock re-grows instantly, and stronger attacks may leave him as a pile of sand, but he reforms in an hour.

His sigil energy is kept in two jars, in a cave in the Horn of Neglos. When the Defenders went to purge his energy, Melosa was captured by Atagor-Am, as he saw her as the vessel he needed. The Defenders followed him to save Mel and break the jars.

However, he cast the stone attached to Seth, summoning his guardian to protect the jars. When Seth sacrificed the stone to destroy the monsters and the jars were broken, Atagor-Am was destroyed.


  • He is bound to the Ethos sigil.

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