First Appearance

Hunter and Hunted

Voiced by

Dwayne Hill

Aron, or the Hunter, is an ex-operative who is obsessed with hunting.


He was previously an assassin for the Armies of Yin. He even fought at the Gates of Yin, with Seth's father. However, even after his retirement, he missed the excitement of hunting.


He owns his own island, where he sends potential prey to be tested, then hunted. When he comes upon Seth, he is interested in his fallen Defender status and skills. He tricks him into believing that he could save his arm with the Tome of Al-Mortagar, hidden in Barrier City. When Seth goes onto the helicopter, he is knocked unconscious and dropped on another part of the island, where the hunt begins.

Seth manages to escape from Aron, but Rion has run into Aron and fights him. It is an even fight, until Aron gets the upper hand and nearly kills him. However, Seth returns and fends Aron off, coming very close to killing him. Instead he lets him live, not allowing him a warrior's death.


Aron strikes a deal with the Ethos, to capture the rogue guardian Si'i alive and bring it to them. In "Shape Shifted", he and Lady K'Tahsh are able to use Melosa as bait in a tribal village, where the natives sacrifice people to Si'i. Before Si'i eats her, they shoot Si'i with tranquillizers and knock him out for transport.

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