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Uhl is the shaman of a remote village, hidden in the jungles of Infinor. He speaks an ancient form of Bakkorian.


He had, long ago, given a Gata-Shin monk food and shelter. In return the monk, who was carrying the Dako Pure Stone, gave him a mystical stone, which the people of the village believed to be magic powers.

Ever since, he has been treated as a shaman, or priest. As well, he is the one who knows the location of the Pure Stone the monk hid.


When Erik shows him up with his rescue of Koni, he leaves to go to his secret holy place, located in the forest outside of the village. However, he ends up being captured by Malco and Flinch who interrogate him over the location of the Pure Stone. Flinch promises him stones to impress his people, in exchange for the stone, which he accepts. Uhl tricks them into following him, only so that he can escape while they sink into quicksand.

He returns to the village as Koni is being held captive by Flinch, and promises give him the Pure Stone if he let her free. Regardless, this deal does not happen as Malco breaks free of Erik's attack, sending debris onto Flinch and letting Koni slip out of his grasp. Flinch attempts to attack him, but Uhl uses his mystical stone and absorbs the attack. He then uses it on Malco, sending him flying into the air. The villagers surround the duo, and they decide to retreat.

After his victory, he gives the Defenders directions to the Pure Stone.