Adam and Eve of Destruction
Season 1, Episode 24
Airdate Febraury 4, 2007
Production No. 124
Writers Mary Crawford
Alan Templeton
Directors Sean Jeffrey
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Perfect Host

Adam and Eve of Destruction is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season.


In a surprise turn of events, Adam shows up at Brackus’ safe house with the four Pure Stones and Kara captured. Kara is taken and prepared for the host body transfer that will give Nazmul physical form. Adam wanted to get into Nazmul's good books, but he is thrown into prison with Brackus because he does not trust him. Both Kara and Adam are able to escape and attempt to leave the tower with the Pure Stones and Nova stone.

He also reveals that Brackus really was his father, but Nazmul shows up, revealing that Brackus was not really Adam's father and that Brackus had destroyed Adam's real parents, This meant that Adam is really a Defender. Nazmul subdues Adam and attempts to possess Kara.

This entire time, the Defenders storm the tower and with the help of Zad, are able to get inside. In the nick of time, Seth breaks in and fights Nazmul, who then had to take on Omniaxor and was easily defeated. Erik runs to Kara's aid and Mel gets the Pure Stones. Along the way, Adam makes a final mistake, he sets Brackus free thinking he is no longer a threat. With Kara safe and the four Pure Stones tones in hand, the Defenders head for the Machine of Binding, unaware that Brackus is already making plans.


Di Gata Defenders 124 Adam and Eve of Destruction21:35

Di Gata Defenders 124 Adam and Eve of Destruction


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